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Next game is October 12th at Rob’s house

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Hey guys. Let me know when you’ve joined so I can assign your character sheet to you. Then you’ll be able to update it online and reference it from here at any time. I’ll also be updating the calendar here once we’re all joined.

This is a 4e D&D campaign that’s been running for about 2 years. The setting is a land that was originally part of Orcus domain in the Abyss. It was protected from the energies of the Abyss by a ritual that was enacted 10,000 ago, and must be renewed each thousand years. The players entered the campaign just as the 1000 year clock was about to turn midnight. Levels 1-10 consisted of the party exploring the world and finding one of the three fragments of the Grand Arcanum, a book of great power that was originally used to enact the Ritual that keeps Gaet free of the ravages of Orcus and his hordes. While the Ritual is in effect, no demon, god or outsider may enter the realm unless summoned by a mortal. The players were unaware of the history of Gaet at the start, as were most of its inhabitants. The end of heroic levels saw them help defeat the Yuan Ti overlords in the city of Zahouloam in the city of shifting sands.

Through levels 11-21, the players sought out the remaining two fragments – one in the primordial chaos held by the Slaad lord, Ygorl, the other held by an archlich in the abyss.

Realm of Gaet

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