Realm of Gaet

Keep of the Death Giants
Session 09/23/11

Last session the party reunited with Oswalt in the City of Gloomwrought on his homeplane, the Shadowfell. They were followed by an unseen pursuer, and were assaulted by a band of Vecna Cultist (most of which exploded upon contact with Klaus’ turn undead).

Our intrepid band of heroes decided to clear out a keep infested with death giants which, Oswalt informed his long absent friends, was an affront to the authority and sovereignty of the Raven Queen. The entered the keep, seeing only a portcullis and wooden gate blocking the way to the north. Four statues (which Silva or some other person identified as likenesses of death giants with a very high Arcana or Religion check) were all that adorned the room. The party spent much time sneaking cautiously and invisibly about the room, trying to determine if there were any traps. Finally, Klaus and Silva joined Petunia in the center of the room, and the sharp eared elf Alia heard a noise from the East wall, followed by a small door opening and closing on the wall 40’ in the air (the ceilings in the room were 50’). The death giants came to life, and a battle ensued.

The party soon discovered that the death giants were capable of healing themselves with souls of those who died within their swirling auras. The small door 40’ in the air once again, and 4 small creatures walked out as if in a trance and fell to their deaths, recharging the auras of the death giants. Alia flew up to the East wall and determined there were four levers. Through trial and error, she flipped the lever that turned the giants back to stone and opened the small door on the ledge in the east wall. Who had operated the levers, even the sharp eyes of Alia were not able to see.

They entered a corridor, bypassed a room with a strange swirling mist and the occasional moans of spirits in it, and moved on to a room with 5 giant thrones. Upon the largest throne sat a beast that seemed made of pure shadow (someone or other made their religion check and determined it to be a Nightstalker, along with several bodak guards.) The Nightstalker spoke in an eerie voice and offered to spare the party if they would reveal where the Arcanum was now. The Nightstalker informed them that now that the Arcanum was no longer in Gaet, it was fair game for all the demon lords of the Abyss and all the evil gods of the Astral Sea. Even now, the god Lloth had formed and alliance with the demon princes Grazzt and Yeenoghu to mount an assault on Moradin and Bahumut in their mountain; Orcus had formed alliances with Zuggtmoy and Vecna to plunder the Raven Queen’s demesne in the Shadowfell, and perhaps most disturbing, Gruumsh and Bane had temporarily ceased their endless war (to what end, no one can yet say). Should the gods and demons all war at once, the universe might not stand the strain. But all this could be ended if the party would but surrender the book to him.

Predictably, the party didn’t cave. A pretty good battle ensued (meaning at least one player was dropped to zero, owing to the bodaks’ death stare), but the players prevailed. Silva sealed two portals despite Petunia’s inquiry as to where the portals might lead.

A tidy sum was found, including a piece of equipment that was part of the set of the Time Wizard. A complete set was said to have the power to transport one through time.


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